2021 <$25/Month Hosting Plans List

CompanyPlan Monthly PricePlan Visitors AllowedPlan MemoryPlan Disk SpacePlan BandwidthPlan Sites AllowedSslMulti SiteCdnServer LocationsMigrationsSupport OptionsGitStaging EnvironmentWp-cli SupportAutomatic BackupsBackup FrequencyBackup RetentionWordpress Core UpdatesPhp VersionsSql DatabaseCaching TechnologiesSsh AccessSecurity Features And PoliciesControl PanelData PortabilitySlaGeographical FocusPlan Limitations
20i £5.99UnlimitedNot capped10GB50GB1LetsEncrypt is freeYes20i in-house: https://www.20i.com/cdn - free with plan LondonUnlimited migrations, no chargeLive Chat, Support TicketGit is available via CLIYes, freeYesYesDaily30 daysYes7.0 and laterMariaDBStackCache plugin works with CDNYesMalware Scanning is done daily, Platform also has Anti-DDoS protection in built which blocks malicious traffic and bots. We will require a custom header from the benchmark system to ensure we can bypass layer7 bot protection CustomSingle zip file containing files and database can be generated via the control panelN/AUK focused
34SP.com £9.95Unlimited1.25GB25GBUnlimited1Free via Let's EncryptYesClients choiceManchester, United KingdomFree Phone (Limited Hours), Support TicketYesYesYesYesDaily, plus on demand Snapshot feature30 days rollingYes7.4.xMariaDBRedis, NginxYesCustom in house layered securityCustomWe have no restrictions, clients are free to move as they like. Our Snapshot tool also offers data in a non proprietary format for easy portability99.9United Kingdom
AleForge $15.96Unlimited2 GBUnlimited. 20 GB threshold then increased upon request..UnlimitedUnlimitedFree (Lets Encrypt)YesNo.ChicagoYes, all migrations are FreePhone (Limited Hours), Email, Live Chat, Support Ticket, DiscordYesYesYesYesDaily30 daysYes4.4/5.1/5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5/5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3/7.4MySqlRedis, Nginx, WP RocketYesBitNinja for all sites, Automatic CMS Vulnerability patching, Firewall, DDoS protection, CMS brute force protection, Antivirus and infection auto cleaning, Malware Expert ModSecurity rulescPanelJetbackup, Cpanel backup, Softaculous backup99.9% uptime with account credit if downtime occurs.USA30 Entry Processes
ChemiCloud $21.90There is no hard limit set in place for this.3GB30GBUnlimitedUnlimitedIncluded for free for all websites.YesCloudflare integrated, free tierDallas, Frankfurt,London, Bucharest,Singapore, Bangalore, SydneyWe can migrate up to 50 cPanel accounts (website files, MySQL databases, and email data) — free of charge. We can migrate up to 10 non-cPanel accounts (website files and MySQL databases) — free of charge. We can migrate up to 10 non-cPanel email accounts Email data for non-cPanel accounts can be transferred only through Imapsync (IMAP transfers tool).Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYes, Git is available and comes integrated with cPanelYesYesYesDaily30 daysYesPHP7.0 → PHP 7.4MariaDBMemcache, LiteSpeedYesImunify360 on all servers.cPanelThere is no limitation, they can do it via cPanel full backups, or an other backup tool.Uptime Guarantee: https://chemicloud.com/terms-of-service/We're not focused on a certain region.3CPU cores, 30 EP (Entry Processes), 100 NPROC, 10MB/s I/O Usage, 1024 IOPS, Inodes 350000.
CynderHost $18.99Unlimited No hard limit20 GB 50 GB1FreeNoStackPath (Free)Dallas, TX Free for all domains covered by planEmail, Live Chat, Support TicketNoYesNoYesEvery 12 hour 7 daysYes7.4MariaDBNginx, CDN/Edge, PHP OpCacheNoFree hack fixes, automatic malware scanning, web application firewall, brute force protection, DDoS protection (L4 + 7)Plesk-basedDB Dumps/File Archives, Backups, Transfers via FTP, or direct WP to WP install migration99.9% uptime guaranteed, 8x compensation for any downtime up to monthly priceUSA / North America
EasyWP by Namecheap $11.88No limit but suggested for up to 500k1.5GB, Burstable100GB Unmetered1Yes, included freeNoYes, included freePhoenix, AZYes, included freeEmail, Live Chat, Support TicketNot yetNot yetComing soon (sFTP, SSH allowed)YesNightlyWeeklyYesPHP7MariaDBMemcache, Redis, Varnish, Nginx, Custom secret blendYesEach website is in its own container, fully isolated from other customers. Automatic WP updatesCustomDownload backup and easily migrate99.99%United States nad Europe
Eco Web Hosting £5.99UnlimitedNot measured25 GBUnlimited1Let's EncryptNoYes, and it's freeUKFree migrationsLive Chat, Support TicketYes, via SSHYesYesYesDaily31 days rollingYesPHP 7-8MariaDBNginxYesAutomatic malware scans, DDoS protection, Brute Force Login protection, and WAF as standard.CustomThey can export site/database as zip files or export through the WP-adminNo SLAGlobal, but price is in GBPNA
GoDaddy $19.99Unlimited-UnlimitedUnlimited1$0 / SSL is includedNoSucuri Asset CDN included / no additional costUSA & EuropeFree / UnlimitedPhone (24/7), Email, Live ChatnoyesYesYesdaily90 daysYes5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1 / 7.2 / 7.3MySqlVarnish, NginxYesSSL included, unlimited malware scan and repair / removalCustomGoDaddy´s WordPress Hosting is open and a site can be migrated to another host with any regular migration tool out there.99.9% uptime guaranteeglobal1,000 tables per database and no more than one gigabyte of storage per database
GreenGeeks $14.95Unlimited2.0 GBUnlimitedUnmeteredUnlimitedFree SSL CertificateYesCloudFlareChicago, US, Phoenix, US, Montreal, CA and Amsterdam, NLFreePhone (Limited Hours), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYesYesYesYesNightly24 hoursYes7.4 (native, current), 7.3,7.2,7.1,7.0,5.6,5.5,5.4,5.3,5.2MariaDBLSCacheYesA combination of proprietary and third party software allows our system administrators to have the ability to identify potential harmful attacks across our network to help develop security rules before a problem occurs. In additon to this, we also provide account isolation, Linux Secure VFS, real-time scanning and more.cPanelWe don't do anything to restrict data portability.https://www.greengeeks.com/support/article/greengeeks-sla-credit-policy/GlobalOther limitations are documented here: https://www.greengeeks.com/support/article/greengeeks-shared-hosting-pricing/
ICDSoft $10Unlimited2 GB per process, up to 50 processes.100 GB5000 GB / mo1Free Wildcard Let's EncryptNoNo integrated CDN.USA, Europe, and Hong KongFree migrations from other providers. Free migrations between our datacenters.Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYes, available through the Control Panel. Available through the WordPress section in the Control Panel.YesYesTwice daily (every 12 hours). Each backup is kept for 7 days. NoMultiple PHP versions supported - 5.3, 5.6, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4PerconaNginxYesCustom built web firewall with CAPTCHA challenges for IP addresses with low reputation. Custom mod_security rules updated daily based on our research of the most common WordPress vulnerabilities. 24/7 Incident Response Team monitoring for malicious processes, spam, and hacked sites. Hacked websites are cleaned, if a recent backup is available, and we have confirmation that the customer won't lose any recently made changes. If cleaning is not possible, the site is suspended, and we work with the customer on the cleaning process. CustomCustomers can create downloadable account backups via the Backup section in the online Control Panel (tar.gz archives). Additional WordPress downloadable backups via the WordPress section in the Control Panel.We don't have SLAs on these plans.Global
InMotion Hosting $17.99125,000 is the suitable number but no set hardware limit4GB Virtual/2GB Physical150GBUnlimited3One domain SSL included for free through cPanelYesThere is an integrated CDN free of chargeLos Angeles, CA/Ashburn, VAYes, free of charge.Phone (24/7), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketNot at this time.Content only at this time.YesYesSet by customerSet by customerYes7MySqlNginxYesSecurity is handled on two fronts with our WordPress plans. Server level security is managed by our systems team and we utilize Patchman to ensure that update related vulnerabilities to WordPress are addressed as soon as they arise even if WordPress itself is not updated. We help manage site level security through AutoSSL and free licensing provide for JetPack. JetPack provides Downtime monitoring, Spam filtering, and Brute force protection. We still recommend that our clients use site level security applications such as Sucuri. If a site is hacked, we provide multiple options for backup including our Backup Manager for easy site restore. We also have the ability to search and quarantine infected files to help our clients identify and correct the breach.cPanelStandard WP backup and restore as well as internally built backup and restore options within our hosting.No SLA at this time.We are international and have no specific focusPHP Workers 8, MySQL Databases 13, Parked Domains and Sub Domains 100 each,
IONOS $8Unlimited768 MB100 GB SSDUnlimited1 managed site1 free wildcard SSL, additional certificates from $20/yYesNot included, $10/mUS, GermanyNoPhone (24/7), Email, Live Chat, Personal ConsultantYesNoYesYesDaily7 DaysYes7.3MySqlPHP Opchace can be turned onYesfree: DDOS protection, managed mod-security, automatic malware scan/ paid: malware remediation, vulnerability detection and remediationCustomscp, sftp, file explorer, php my admin, ssh No SLA but 99,99% uptime with T&CGlobal256k inodes, see "Plan Memory/RAM" above
Krystal Hosting £9.99Unlimited2GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedLet's Encrypt provided free for all domainsYesAvailable as an addon from £5/monthUKFreePhone (Limited Hours), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYesYesYesYesDaily30 daysYes5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3/7.4MariaDBLiteSpeed CacheYesNetwork DDoS protection and hardware firewalling, proactive antimalware scanning with cleanup assistancecPanelSelf-service cpbackups can be generated/retrieved at any time, in addition to Installatron/Softaculous script backups 100% Network uptimeUK/EU2GB RAM, 1CPU core, 50 concurrent entry processes
Lightning Base $9.9510,000 Guideline3 GB1 GB40 GB cap1Yes, free, installed automaticallyYesYes, free via Cloudflare, with Railgun includedUnited States - Iowa, EU - Netherlands, Asia - Singapore, Australia - SydneyYes, one freeEmail, Support TicketYes, pre-installedYes, clone tool included with ability to create staging sitesYesYesNightly30 daysYesPHP 7, 8MySqlLiteSpeedYesSystems are located in secure facilities, and protected from the web via a multi-layered security system. This includes a basic edge firewall, followed by a webapp firewall using both commercial and custom/internal rules, further protected by isolation between clients at the operating system level. Real-time anti-virus/exploit scanning is performed, along with weekly full system scans. If a site is hacked we will make a best-effort attempt to assist in any way we can, including restoring backups, performing additional scans, manually inspecting site files/databases, and using 3rd party plugins to search for malicious content and clean the site.cPanelClients have full access to WP admin, SFTP, PHPMyAdmin, SSH, File Manager, downloadable backups, etc - most any migration option is possible.-Global
ManagedWPHosting €11.00not limited by vistor amount, it is limited by disk and trafficaccount has at least 92MB PHP RAM, server has 12 GB5GB50GB a month1free zero-click letsencrypt with monitoring, others are availabe (sectigo DV,EV,OV)Yesno CDN by default, available upon 1.50 euro upgradeRotterdamyes, free, one per account signupPhone (Limited Hours), Email, Support Ticketgit and svn are present see https://www.managedwphosting.nl/developers/noYesYesat least 3x a day6 monthsYes7.4MariaDBVarnish, WP fastest cache two-click installer with ManagedWPHosting settingsYesWordPress WAF on multiple layers, IPS hardware firewalling, 2FA, more at https://www.managedwphosting.nl/veiligheid-managed-wordpress-hosting/ . help with cleanupDirect Admin + customerpanelFull backup availableno SLAEuropeNot specifically, if you exceed server usage in such a way that is reasonable, moving to an own VPS or dedicated server is the next step (when it cannot be solved with some software adjustments).
MDDHosting $19.99Unlimited2 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedFree Let's Encrypt SSL CertificatesYesFree CloudFlare CDN with RailgunDenver, CO, United StatesWe will assist in transferring your website from any hosting provider running cPanel for free. A one-time fee may apply if your old provider is not cPanel powered or does not allow access to full cPanel backups.Phone (Limited Hours), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYes.Staging Site can be created in cPanel with WordPress Manager by Softaculous.YesYesDaily30 DaysYes4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 (All Secured by CloudLinux HardenedPHP)MariaDBLiteSpeed CacheYesWe run Imunify360, an automated security solution powered by AI and Proactive Defense which uses cloud heuristics and the unique, proactive approach to provide total protection against known and unknown attacks. Imunify360 also has a Malware Detection feature which thoroughly sweeps files and accurately identifies as well as automatically clean up malicious code, leaving clean codes untouched. cPanelYou can take a cPanel Full Backup which contains all data of the cPanel account. Alternatively, you can access your own files via FTP, SFTP, cPanel File Manager, cPanel Webdisk and SSH. You can export your database via phpMyAdmin and SSH (MySQL Dump).We offer a 1000% Uptime Guarantee that is backed by a Service Level Agreement. If your server has a physical downtime of more than 1 hour, you can request for 10 times (1000%) the actual amount of downtime. This means that if your server has a physical downtime of 1 hour, you will receive 10 hours of credit.We target clients from all over the world except countries under the US sanction list.2 CPU Cores | 2 GB RAM | 60 MB/s Disk I/O | 30 Entry Processes | 160 Total Processes | 600,000 Inodes
Nexcess $19unmeteredcloud - variable bursts15GB2TB1Free Let's Encrypt certificateYesNexcess Edge: 250GB/mo free, overage billing starts at $0.10/GB thereafter - https://help.nexcess.net/77208-cdn/nexcess-cdn-overage-billingMichigan (US), California (US), United Kingdom, Netherlands, AustraliaWe offer free white glove migrations and a free plugin for DIY migrationsPhone (24/7), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYesYesYesYesNightly30 daysYesPHP 5.6 - 7.4MariaDBRedis, NginxYesAll of our environments are PCI and SSAE-18 compliant, each plan includes iThemes Security Pro, proactive 24/7 monitoring, automatic plugin updates, initial server hardening and other server level protections, and a continuously updated web application firewall. In the rare case of a hacked site, our support team will do their best to remedy the issues. CustomOur support team can share the data in a downloadable file upon request, or the customer can easily migrate using a tool of their choiceWe include 100% access to power and connectivity. You can see our SLA here: https://www.nexcess.net/policies/service-level-agreementGlobal
RAIDBOXES 15€Unlimited2GB5GB SSDUnlimited1FreeNoNoneGermanyFree MigrationsPhone (Limited Hours), Email, Live ChatYesYes, freeYesYesDaily30 days for automatic. Forever for manual onesYesPHP 7.2 and aboveMariaDBNginx, Self-builtYesAll of these are more or less 1-Click Options: Anti-Brute-Force-Login-Blocker, Read-Only WP-Core Files, User-Agent-Blocking, IP-Blocking (Block/Allowlist), CORS-Header, WP Session Eraser, On-demand Write-Lock on WP-Files, User-Enumeration Blocker, NGINX Content Security Policy, NGINX X-Content Type Options, GINX X-Frame Options, NGINX X-XSS-ProtectionCustomSSH/SFTP/Plugins99,999% UptimeEurope
RSHosting.com $20.00Unlimited2GBUnlimitedUnlimited5$0YesCloudflare & Quic.cloudUSA (Phoenix, Arizona) & United Kingdom (London)Unlimited free migrationsPhone (Limited Hours), Email, Live Chat, Support Ticket, WhatsApp, SkypeYesYesYesYesDaily & Weekly1Yes5.5, 5.6, 7.x, 8.xMariaDBRedis, LiteSpeed CacheYesWe offer free Proactive anti-malware protection Imunify360, Advanced WAF, Premium firewall at server end and free SSL certificates.cPanelWe offer access to full cPanel backupsOur SLA includes 100% Network Uptime Guarantee SLAUK, USA, Australia and Asia2 Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 20 MB/s I/O, 40000 Inode limit
SiteGround $24.99No hard limit but advertised as suitable for ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly No hard limit - https://www.siteground.com/shared-hosting-features.htm 20 GB Web Space UnlimitedUnlimitedFree LE, options for paid SSLs as wellYesFree CloudFlare. Paid plan with additional features available too.https://www.siteground.com/datacentersFree WP migratorPhone (24/7), Live Chat, Support TicketYesYesYesYesDaily30 daysYesAll major PHP versions - PHP 8 as wellPerconaMemcache, Nginx, W3TC, WP Rocket, Internally developed SG caching technologyYesAnti bot AI system, WAF with custom rules by security experts, scans, cleaning service. CustomClients have access to all their data. WP backups, SQL dumps, SFTP, SSH access. Backup plugins can be used as well.https://www.siteground.com/viewtos/siteground_terms_of_serviceGlobalhttps://www.siteground.com/shared-hosting-features.htm
TVC.Net $12.95Unlimited32gb2gb200gbUnlimited0YesCloudflareFremont, CaliforniaUnlimited free migrationsPhone (24/7), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketNoYesNoNoDaily, weekly, monthlyMonthlyNo7.4MariaDBLiteSpeedYesFirewall and help cleaning hacked websites includedcPanelAvaillable free by requestShared servers. If your shared hosting service has physical downtime that is not within 99.9% uptime for a given month you may receive one month of credit on your account.North America
WPX $24.99n/a128 Mb per PHP process, 3 PHP processes per website10 Gb100 Gb5Free, unlimitedYesYes, our own custom CDN, free for all WPX customersChicago, London, SydneyFree, unlimited within 24 hoursEmail, Live Chat, Support TicketNoYesNoYesDaily28 daysNo7.4 (8 for testing on newer servers)MySqlW3TCNo- Mod Security with commercial rules + in-house (custom) created rules - ReCaptcha on login pages, xmlrpc and other commonly attacked pages - ReCaptcha + network level blocking of IP addresses with many connections/requests or malicious behaviour - Limitations per source IP based on type of the requests. - Daily Malware/virus scanning and cleaning with both commercial and in-house created rules - DDoS protection on a network level (Layer3+4) WPX cleans malware for free from hacked sites.CustomUsers can generate and download backup of their website through our control panel.99.95% uptime guaranteeGlobal1 CPU core + 128 Mb per PHP process, 3 PHP processes per website

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