$25-50/Month WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2023

$25-50/Month WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2023

Please read the Methodology to fully understand the scope of these tests.

Note: Please check company profiles for summary of performances across multiple tiers. Some companies also offer promotions or coupon codes for a discount as well.

Cloudways competed with a Digital Ocean Premium 4GB droplet.

Stromonic was sold during the tests and the new owner was not prepared to participate in the benchmark. No load tests were run. Some of the other tests were run, and the results are recorded for posterity.

The Companies and Products

CompanyPlan Monthly PricePlan Visitors AllowedPlan MemoryPlan Disk SpacePlan BandwidthPlan Sites Allowed
A2 Hosting $48.99Unlimited8 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Cloudways $50Unlimited4 GB RAM, 2 vCPU80 GB NVMe4 TBUnlimited
GreenGeeks $25.95Unlimited3 GBUnlimitedUnmetteredUnlimited
Krystal Hosting £3550000N/A10 GBUnlimited1
Pressable $2530000512 MB/PHP process20 GBUnlimited1
Presslabs $3330000 page views256 MB30 GBUnmetered1
Rocket.net $30250000128 GB10 GB50 GB1
SiteGround $39.99400,000 Recommendationno hard limit40 GBunlimited trafficunlimited
Stromonic $29.95Unlimited4 GB20 GB NVMe SSD100 GB15
WordPress.com $25UnlimitedN/A200 GBUnlimited1
WPX $49.99Unlimited384 MB/PHP process, 3 processes/site30 GB400 GB15
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LoadStorm Testing Results

The Load Storm test (in k6) is designed to simulate real users visiting the site, logging in and browsing. It tests uncached performance.

The key metrics are:

Results Table

CompanyTotal RequestsTotal ErrorsPeak RpsAverage RpsP95Wp-login Average Response TimePage Cum AvgAsset Cum AvgLogin Cum Avg
A2 Hosting 26340828357343.421437112393492451135
Cloudways 27547112435715060153372322714883004
GreenGeeks 3756370318.17204523155236206161
Krystal Hosting 3569431310.83194739397536238545
Pressable 4280590373.1723325618418321190
Presslabs 4595960399.9225024417317533179
Rocket.net 3573121304.75194405257263127258
SiteGround 3085790272.9216843727317474237
WordPress.com 6591010610.535829721324020564
WPX 3883369333.2521126320117412183


GreenGeeks, Krystal Hosting, Pressable, Presslabs, Rocket.net, WordPress.com, and WPX didn't have any issues with the Load Storm test.

SiteGround had a few spikes during the test which exceeded 1000ms, they looked possibly network related and overall was generally very good.

A2Hosting started to slow down around 400 VUsers and then had errors.

Cloudways started to slow down around 700 VUsers.

Stromonic did not run any load tests.

K6 Static Testing Results

K6 Static test is designed to test cached performance by repeatedly requesting the homepage.

Results Table

CompanyRequestsErrorsPeak RpsAverage Response TimeAverage RpsP95
A2 Hosting 44767819876.149214
Cloudways 4014250885.67122441229
GreenGeeks 3999500888.83126439231
Krystal Hosting 3957370873138434271
Pressable 4480490986.675.249113
Presslabs 4357020956.672447895
Rocket.net 4408102967.172248731
SiteGround 4409870971.672148475
WordPress.com 44777309865.849213
WPX 4454370986.671148962


The Static test went well for every single participant. It's very nice to see that trend continue. Delivering static content fast and at scale is becoming a default in the WordPress hosting space, even at the lower price tiers.

Uptime Testing Results

Uptime is monitored by two companies: HetrixTools and Uptime Robot. A self hosted monitor was also run in case there was a major discrepancy between the two third party monitors.

Results Table

CompanyUptime RobotHetrix
A2 Hosting 100100
Cloudways 100100
GreenGeeks 10099.9935
Krystal Hosting 100100
Pressable 100100
Presslabs 100100
Rocket.net 100100
SiteGround 100100
Stromonic 10099.9931
WordPress.com 100100
WPX 100100


This group had perfect uptime on Uptime Robot and near perfect with Hetrix Tools, with 2 companies below 100% and above 99.99%. Amazing.

WebPageTest Testing Results

WebPageTest fully loads the homepage and records how long it takes from 12 different locations around the world. Result are measured in seconds.

Results Table

CompanyVirginiaCaliforniaSalt Lake CityLondonFrankfurtCape TownSingaporeMumbaiTokyoSydneyBrazilDubaiAverage
A2 Hosting 14514026912918313114222735923244598208
Cloudways 21255040852756412211220116887111537121017802
GreenGeeks 25645242753653311441209995862929637926742
Krystal Hosting 5831007820218252852128813441549185710431146997
Pressable 2683543945222991541885496411328273338509
Presslabs 2112103532192392048223506218673211549472
Rocket.net 222242329238218215309215237220228251244
SiteGround 3682283282252091121199611583219191747419
Stromonic 6649144186329451613523389899263047402447257320004555
WordPress.com 284321417285282987657275576284268287410
WPX 1992122771892262236162074732051343151360


The chart can be adjusted by clicking on a company. Stromonic stands out here for being the slowest by a wide margin at every location. Once you remove them from the graph, it's a lot easier to see how the field who were actively participating performed.

A2 Hosting had the fastest average and was the fastest in 8/12 locations individually.

Rocket.net had the second fastest average.

WPX had the third fastest average and was the fastest in 2/12 locations.

Presslabs and SiteGround each picked up a fastest speed in a single location.

WPPerformanceTester Testing Results

WPPerformanceTester performs two benchmarks. One is a WordPress (WP Bench) and the other is a PHP Bench. WP Bench measures how many WP queries per second and higher tends to be better (varies considerably by architecture). PHP Bench performs a lot of computational and some database operations which are measured in seconds to complete. Lower PHP Bench is better.

Results Table

CompanyPHP BenchWP Bench
A2 Hosting 9.241766.784452
Cloudways 7.547376.9317753
GreenGeeks 9.551610.305958
Krystal Hosting 9.312726.744186
Pressable 9.6791700.680272
Presslabs 7.011297.016861
Rocket.net 9.8241406.469761
SiteGround 9.3771158.748552
Stromonic 18.79491.5164272
WordPress.com 9.462314.814815
WPX 7.5661964.636542


WordPress.com had the fastest WP Bench at 2314 (queries/second) and Presslabs had the fastest PHP Bench at 7.01 seconds.

SSL Testing Results

The tool is available at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

Results Table

CompanyQualsys SSL Grade
A2 Hosting A+
Cloudways A
GreenGeeks A+
Krystal Hosting A
Pressable A
Presslabs A+
Rocket.net A
SiteGround A
Stromonic B
WordPress.com A+


A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks, Presslabs and WordPress.com all had A+.

Everyone else had A's. Except Stromonic which had a B.


There are two levels of recognition awarded to companies that participate in the tests. There is no ‘best’ declared, it’s simply tiered, it’s hard to come up with an objective ranking system because of the complex nature of hosting. These tests also don’t take into account outside factors such as reviews, support, and features. It is simply testing performance as described in the methodology.

Top Tier

This year's Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award goes to the following companies who showed virtually no signs of struggle during the testing.

Honorable Mention

The following companies earned Honorable Mention status because they did very well and had a minor issue or two holding them back from earning Top Tier status.

Individual Host Analysis

A2 Hosting had some incredible highs, like the Static test which say it record an average response time of 6.1ms and 14ms p95. A2 Hosting recorded perfect uptime. A2 Hosting also was a force to be reckoned with in the WPT test which saw it earn the fastest average and fastest individual speed in 8/12 locations. It also recorded an A+ grade on the SSL test. Unfortunately, the Load Storm test proved its undoing this year with a slow down starting around 400 VUsers and errors as well. There's some much potential here, I can't wait to see them get the Load Storm test figured out and joining the Top Tier.
Visit A2 Hosting Website
Cloudways handled the Static test perfectly, completely flat response time and no errors. Uptime was perfect as well. Cloudways, however, did struggle with the Load Storm test where it slowed down around 700 VUsers and response times shot up. There were relatively few errors, so the requests were still being served, just a lot slower than needed to earn recognition.
Visit Cloudways Website
GreenGeeks managed to deal with the Load Storm test well and had the fastest wp-login and Login speeds. The Static test also went well with a couple little spikes and zero errors. GreenGeeks had 100% and 99.9935% uptime which is excellent. Overall, GreenGeeks handled the tests remarkably well and earned another Top Tier award this year.
Visit GreenGeeks Website
Krystal Hosting handled the Static test effortlessly without a single error and completely flat response time graph. Krystal also had perfect uptime on both uptime monitors. The Load Storm test was mostly great except there was a consistent spike exactly every 5 minutes which increased response times above 1500ms on the p95 graph from it's baseline around ~700ms. I'm not sure if this was a cache clear or some other kind of cron job, but something looks like it was taxing the server specifically every 5 minutes causing a tiny load spike. Unfortunately, the spikes were just a little too large by the end of the test, so Krystal Hosting earned an Honorable Mention this year. I have high hopes Krystal will rejoin the Top Tier next year, they're only one timer away.
Visit Krystal Hosting Website
Pressable had no issue with the Load Storm test, in fact it had the second fastest p95 and third fastest wp-login and Asset speed. Pressable also blazed through the Static test leading the pack with a 5.2ms average and 13ms p95. Pressable also had perfect uptime. Simply put, Pressable aced all the tests thrown at it and earned Top Tier status.
Visit Pressable Website
Presslabs handled the Load Storm test fabulously. It had the fastest p95, second fastest wp-login and Login speed, and the third fastest Page speed. The Static test also went well with a 24ms average response time. Uptime was perfect. Presslabs also managed to have the fastest single speed location on WPT in Tokyo. It also managed an A+ SSL grade and the fastest PHP Bench. It doesn't get old awarding Presslabs another Top Tier award.
Visit Presslabs Website
Rocket.net handled the Load Storm test without any issues. It also handled the Static test without any issues having a very fast 22ms average response time and 31ms p95 which was the 4th fastest which is always impressive to have average and p95 as close together as possible. Rocket.net had perfect uptime. Rocket.net picked up the second fastest average on the WPT. Overall, Rocket.net took these tests in stride and didn't break a sweat. It didn't stand out in any statistical category, but it was consistently quick in all the tests. Rocket.net earns a well deserved Top Tier award.
Visit Rocket.net Website
SiteGround flew through the Static test with 21ms average response time without a single error. SiteGround also had perfect uptime. It even picked up the fastest speed in a single location in WPT. Unfortunately, the Load Storm test was a little spikey. There were a few spikes going over 1000ms throughout the test and it wasn't just a single location having issues, the spikes were across multiple regions. It could have been network issues or could have been minor server issues. For that reason, SiteGround earns an Honorable Mention this year.
Visit SiteGround Website
Stromonic was acquired mid-test and the new owner was not prepared or interested in participating. The results are incomplete. They were disqualified from any award consideration.
Visit Stromonic Website
WordPress.com had no issues with the Load Storm test and even picked up the second fastest Asset speed. The Static test went even better with the second fastest average response at 5.8ms and tied for first with 13ms in p95. Perfect uptime on both monitors. WordPress.com also managed to pickup the fastest WP Bench score and an A+ SSL grade. It's easy to say WordPress.com handled these tests without blinking and earned Top Tier status again this year.
Visit WordPress.com Website
WPX handled the Load Storm test without issue. It had the fastest Page and Asset speed, along with the third fastest p95 and Login speed. The Static test went equally as well with an incredibly fast 11ms average response time. WPX had perfect uptime on both monitors. It also had the third fastest average speed on WPT and was the fastest in 2/12 locations. WPX continues to earn Top Tier recognition year after year with excellent performances like this one.
Visit WPX Website

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