<$25/Month WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2023

<$25/Month WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2023

Please read the Methodology to fully understand the scope of these tests.

Note: Please check company profiles for summary of performances across multiple tiers. Some companies also offer promotions or coupon codes for a discount as well.

Due to the increase in participation fees this year, I started a Sponsorship program for new/small/first time participants who wanted to participate in the two lowest price tiers. I asked participating companies if any would be willing to sponsor the participation of other hosting companies that fit this criteria. Only 1 company took advantage of this program, WP Buzz.
I want to personally thank and recognize the four amazingly generous companies stepped forward and provided financial support to allow more companies to participate: 20i, Krystal Hosting, Nexcess and Pressable. Thank you.

Cloudways competed with a Digital Ocean Premium 1GB droplet.

ShortPixel Hosting is no longer being offered after the benchmarks finished but before publishing. The results are published for posterity.

Stromonic was sold during the tests and the new owner was not prepared to participate in the benchmark. No load tests were run. Some of the other tests were run, and the results are recorded for posterity.

The Companies and Products

CompanyPlan Monthly PricePlan Visitors AllowedPlan MemoryPlan Disk SpacePlan BandwidthPlan Sites Allowed
20i $7.99 / £5.99UnlimitedN/A10 GB50 GB1
34SP.com 9.95 GBPUnlimited 1.25 GB25 GBUnlimited 1
A2 Hosting $22.99Unlimited2 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Bluehost $18.95Unlimited-100 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Cloudways $12Unlimited1 GB RAM, 1vCPU25 GB NVMe1 TBUnlimited
EasyWP by Namecheap $19.88Unlimited1152 Mb100 GbNot limited1
GreenGeeks $4.95Unlimited2.0 GBUnlimitedUnmeteredUnlimited
Hostgator $18.99Unlimited-UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
ICDSoft $10UnlimitedUnlimited100 GB5000 GB1
Krystal Hosting £9.99Unlimited2 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Lightning Base $9.95100003 GB for PHP, with some processes, including MySQL, running outside of this.1 GB10 GB1
ManagedWPHosting $12Unlimited3 GB - variable bursts6 GB100 GB1
Nexcess $19UnlimitedN/A15 GB2 TB1
Pressable $195000512 MB/PHP process10 GBUnlimited1
ROMARG 19.95€~50,000/day8 GB50 GBUnmetered3
ShortPixel Hosting $5Unlimited1GB10 GB50 GBUnlimited
SiteGround $24.99100,000 Recommendationno hard limits20 GBunlimited trafficunlimited
Stoute Web Solutions $24.99UnlimitedBurst to 16GB20 GBUnlimited1
Stromonic $14.95Unlimited2 GB10 GB NVMe SSD50 GB5
WP Buzz $14UnlimitedUnlimited Unlimited Unlimited 1
WPX $24.99Unlimited384 MB/PHP process, 3 processes/site15 GB200 GB5
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LoadStorm Testing Results

The Load Storm test (in k6) is designed to simulate real users visiting the site, logging in and browsing. It tests uncached performance.

The key metrics are:

Results Table

CompanyTotal RequestsTotal ErrorsPeak RpsAverage RpsP95Wp-login Average Response TimePage Cum AvgAsset Cum AvgLogin Cum Avg
20i 339752211295.081841207380715305385
34SP.com 3578220303.42194563158169232159
A2 Hosting 48390936632541.582636631539597251600
Bluehost 35418416316.58192627244268198278
Cloudways 1546672032182.1784244471541713283592212847
EasyWP by Namecheap 3581390309.58195355185199177192
GreenGeeks 3687650323.42200583163245213168
Hostgator 10249822566171061.83556175131666171532249
ICDSoft 3723840325.5202321140147146144
Krystal Hosting 2945721248.421607839414638324724167
Lightning Base 3701470322.92201487162178209263
ManagedWPHosting 40975226691213.522383520126132961633
Nexcess 4095442367.4222343337333231394
Pressable 4531420390.5824625218318120190
ROMARG 3704030322.17201337332193178190
ShortPixel Hosting 3711940318.67202603167173243170
SiteGround 3081960261.6716744126117574234
Stoute Web Solutions 3567186306.5194543195288110295
WP Buzz 42386220358646.172301839184517021911957
WPX 39009379371.0821226520618113191


34SP.com, Bluehost, GreenGeeks, ICDSoft, Lightning Base, Namecheap, Nexcess, Pressable, ROMARG, ShortPixel Hosting, Stoute Web Solutions, and WPX all didn't have issues with the Load Storm test.

20i and SiteGround had very good performances with a minor spike or two, but the issues didn't seem to impact the ability of the server to handle the load. Sometimes things happen on the networks out of the control of the server itself and I decided to err in favor of not penalizing the spikes and keep both results as good.

A2Hosting had issues starting around 300 VUsers slowing down and then erroring.

Cloudways started to slow down around 80 VUsers and started erroring towards the end.

Hostgator started to slow down around 425 users and then errored out.

Krystal Hosting started to slow down around 700 VUsers.

ManagedWPHosting spiked at 1000 VUsers and then recovered, but the spike caused slow response times and some errors.

WP Buzz started having issues around 250 VUsers and eventually errored out. This was due to security measures which couldn't be disabled.

K6 Static Testing Results

K6 Static test is designed to test cached performance by repeatedly requesting the homepage.

Results Table

CompanyRequestsErrorsPeak RpsAverage Response TimeAverage RpsP95
20i 429848095548472129
34SP.com 3968520873.5134436277
A2 Hosting 4479610990.835.449212
Bluehost 4425260973.831848625
Cloudways 3958700877.33137435289
EasyWP by Namecheap 3890870856.83157425263
GreenGeeks 4012400881.67122440231
Hostgator 4431644978.831648624
ICDSoft 3970940882131436267
Krystal Hosting 4002310880.5125440267
Lightning Base 4005910887.83124440242
ManagedWPHosting 3872140843.67162425423
Nexcess 4447211979.51348820
Pressable 4480710985.835.249212
ROMARG 3879930854.5160425305
ShortPixel Hosting 3947980869.33140434297
SiteGround 44076509722248475
Stoute Web Solutions 4349054972.172147730
WP Buzz 429834095148472130
WPX 4454780983.831148952


Cloudways had some spikes due to max CPU towards the end of the test.

The remaining companies handled the Static test without much issue.

Last year 3 companies were sub 50ms average response times. This year that number is 10. Those numbers for the p95 metric jumped from 3 to 8 this year as well.

Pressable kept their fastest average response time but A2 Hosting was 0.2ms behind and tied them for fastest p95 this year.

Even at the other end, last year's slowest was 267/575 (avg/p95) while this year was 162/423 (avg/p95). ManagedWPHosting improved roughly 100ms faster average and 140ms faster p95. It's great to see such improvements at both ends.

It does seem like there is a pretty clear line between companies with and without CDNs installed by default.

Uptime Testing Results

Uptime is monitored by two companies: HetrixTools and Uptime Robot. A self hosted monitor was also run in case there was a major discrepancy between the two third party monitors.

Results Table

CompanyUptime RobotHetrix
20i 100100
34SP.com 10099.9954
A2 Hosting 99.975100
Bluehost 100100
Cloudways 10099.9755
EasyWP by Namecheap 10099.9954
GreenGeeks 99.89499.9783
Hostgator 100100
ICDSoft 10099.9924
Krystal Hosting 10099.9991
Lightning Base 100100
ManagedWPHosting 10099.9991
Nexcess 99.99999.9873
Pressable 100100
ROMARG 99.96299.9372
ShortPixel Hosting 10099.9964
SiteGround 10099.9982
Stoute Web Solutions 10099.9868
Stromonic 99.94799.99
WP Buzz 10099.9991
WPX 10099.9995


Only one company was below the 99.9% threshold on a single monitor: GreenGeeks on the Uptime Robot was a borderline 99.894%. Meanwhile HetrixTools showed it having 99.9783%. The error was from the very start of the uptime monitoring and it said SSL-Host Mismatch. Hetrix Tools had no issues recorded during the same time frame. I am erring on an uptime monitoring tool problem versus a GreenGeeks problem since it automatically resolved itself and the other service didn't have any issue.

All the other companies maintained 99.9%+ uptime on both monitors.

WebPageTest Testing Results

WebPageTest fully loads the homepage and records how long it takes from 12 different locations around the world. Result are measured in seconds.

Results Table

CompanyVirginiaCaliforniaSalt Lake CityLondonFrankfurtCape TownSingaporeMumbaiTokyoSydneyBrazilDubaiAverage
20i 2872239232802239208541066193948724876626
34SP.com 5478848832112808941108942125215961071702864
A2 Hosting 209224748237663204215371213276661195351
Bluehost 445309851364629293102220421006636573319707
Cloudways 20752339751756011981225120691613467081007818
EasyWP by Namecheap 499223399862872152411481467773119010111374945
GreenGeeks 202333334492837113012319786629191458934793
Hostgator 29926754691642824218352140380932884286763
ICDSoft 242502406531596118815411319123911888521068889
Krystal Hosting 321655516533602122813771210141911848591102917
Lightning Base 284271259493524114796010298528708591033715
ManagedWPHosting 71912121009218244104215029091536182512458271024
Nexcess 273488436482663102610019707471005625909719
Pressable 28026747243257515321010279270315416382519
ROMARG 8541300964367359105612528811497165112888691028
ShortPixel Hosting 846132992333321692012648071697225711527341040
SiteGround 3832323222082231138193506577230197750413
Stoute Web Solutions 5664545995375352371164220239991260238503
Stromonic 618315579422109861622987277464123341984213421553519
WP Buzz 208218806213222897672949220931897865592
WPX 2322222982182302252142365052192320130421


The chart can be adjusted by clicking on a company. Stromonic stands out here for being the slowest by a wide margin at every location. Once you remove them from the graph, it's a lot easier to see how the field who were actively participating performed.

A2 Hosting had the fastest average speed and was the fastest in 1/12 locations

SiteGround had the second fastest average speed and was the fastest in 3/12 locations

WPX had the third fastest average speed and was the fastest in 2/12 locations

GreenGeeks, WPBuzz, LightningBase, ShortPixel, Stoute Web Solutions, and 20i each picked up the fastest speed in a single location.

WPPerformanceTester Testing Results

WPPerformanceTester performs two benchmarks. One is a WordPress (WP Bench) and the other is a PHP Bench. WP Bench measures how many WP queries per second and higher tends to be better (varies considerably by architecture). PHP Bench performs a lot of computational and some database operations which are measured in seconds to complete. Lower PHP Bench is better.

Results Table

CompanyPHP BenchWP Bench
20i 9.26388.9537145
34SP.com 15.623885.7395926
A2 Hosting 8.9221295.336788
Bluehost 11.698920.8103131
Cloudways 15.064488.997555
EasyWP by Namecheap 9.637885.7395926
GreenGeeks 10.1041418.439716
Hostgator 9.982632.5110689
ICDSoft 13.1911406.469761
Krystal Hosting 9.0891672.240803
Lightning Base 9.143481.9277108
ManagedWPHosting 6.8951067.235859
Nexcess 6.112304.147465
Pressable 9.7041700.680272
ROMARG 7.9181937.984496
ShortPixel Hosting 8.0062092.050209
SiteGround 9.877993.0486594
Stoute Web Solutions 7.2791926.782274
Stromonic 19.169105.1524711
WP Buzz 10.724409.5004095
WPX 7.6581869.158879


Nexcess had the fastest PHP Bench and WP Bench. ShortPixel had the second fastest WP Bench and ROMARG was third. ManagedWPHosting and Stoute Web Solutions were second and third respectively on the PHP Bench.

SSL Testing Results

The tool is available at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

Results Table

CompanyQualsys SSL Grade
20i A+
34SP.com A
A2 Hosting A+
Bluehost A
Cloudways A
EasyWP by Namecheap A+
GreenGeeks A+
Hostgator A
Krystal Hosting A
Lightning Base A
ManagedWPHosting A+
Nexcess A
Pressable A
ShortPixel Hosting A
SiteGround A
Stoute Web Solutions B
Stromonic B
WP Buzz A


Stromonic and Stoute Web Solutions had B's.

20i, A2 Hosting, GreenGeeks, ManagedWPHosting, and Namecheap had A+.

Everyone else earned an A.


There are two levels of recognition awarded to companies that participate in the tests. There is no ‘best’ declared, it’s simply tiered, it’s hard to come up with an objective ranking system because of the complex nature of hosting. These tests also don’t take into account outside factors such as reviews, support, and features. It is simply testing performance as described in the methodology.

Top Tier

This year's Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award goes to the following companies who showed virtually no signs of struggle during the testing.

Honorable Mention

The following companies earned Honorable Mention status because they did very well and had a minor issue or two holding them back from earning Top Tier status.

No company achieved this status.

Individual Host Analysis

20i handled the Static test with ease scoring a quick 48ms average response time. 20i also had perfect uptime on both monitors. It picked up the fastest speed in Tokyo on WPT. It also had an A+ SSL Grade. The Load Storm was extremely borderline, it had a few errors, but well below any concerning threshold, and a spike, but otherwise handled it just fine. I'm erring on the side of not penalizing what could just be random network noise versus a deeper server performance issue. 20i earns Top Tier status for this years performance.
Visit 20i Website
34SP had an good showing in the Load Storm test with the second fastest wp-login, Page and Login speed. The Static test went by without any issues. Uptime was perfect and 99.9954%. It's nice to see 34SP.com delivered a Top Tier result again this year.
Visit 34SP.com Website
A2 Hosting stood out on the Static test with an staggeringly fast 5.4ms average response time, a mere 0.2ms behind Pressable, for second fastest average. It also tied Pressable for fastest p95 in the test. Uptime was perfect and 99.975%. A2 Hosting also had the fastest average speed on WPT and was the fastest in a single location. It also earned an A+ SSL grade. Unfortunately, A2 Hosting struggled with the Load Storm test and started to slow down around 300 VUsers and errored out later. There was a lot to like in the A2 Hosting's performance, but there's a little work left to be done before it earns Top Tier recognition.
Visit A2 Hosting Website
Bluehost took a year off after a slightly disappointing performance, but the break was worth it. Last time the Load Storm test proved a bit much for the plan. This year Bluehost handled the Load Storm test without issue. The Static test saw Bluehost score a snappy 18ms average and 25ms p95. Bluehost also had perfect uptime. It's always nice to see engineering efforts pay off, congrats to Bluehost on earning Top Tier status.
Visit Bluehost Website
It was not Cloudways' best performance. The Load Storm test started having issues early at 80 VUsers and started having errors towards the end. The Static test had some spikes due to CPU usage towards the end of the test. Uptime was perfect on one monitor and 99.9755% on another.
Visit Cloudways Website
Namecheap experienced no problems during the Load Storm test. The Static test went equally as well, both having zero errors. Uptime was 100% and 99.9954%. Namecheap also had an A+ SSL grade. Overall, the product was Top Tier and handled all the tests without any noticeable issues.
Visit EasyWP by Namecheap Website
GreenGeeks did well on the Load Storm test and even had the third fastest Login speed. GreenGeeks handled the Static test with a near perfectly flat response time. Uptime monitors showed 99.894% and 99.9783%. The Uptime Robot downtime was attributed to an SSL-Host Mismatch at the very start of the test. The other monitor noticed zero issues during this window, so the decision is erring on the side of tooling problem vs hosting problem. GreenGeeks picked up a fastest WPT speed in a single location. It also earned an A+ SSL grade. GreenGeeks had a Top Tier performance again this year.
Visit GreenGeeks Website
Hostgator is owned by Newfold Digital, same parent company as Bluehost, but the products are not the same. Hostgator actually slightly edged it's sister product in the Static test with an impressive 16ms average response time and 24ms p95. Hostgator had perfect uptime. Unfortunately, the Load Storm test exposed the difference in the Hostgator product vs Bluehost. Hostgator started to slow down around 425 VUsers and eventually errored out.
Visit Hostgator Website
ICDSoft stepped up their game last year and didn't let up. ICDSoft had the fastest wp-login, Page and Login speed on the Load Storm test. It also had the third fastest p95. The Static test went smoothly. Uptime was 100% and 99.9924%. It's great to see ICDSoft maintain consistency and earn back to back Top Tier awards.
Visit ICDSoft Website
Krystal Hosting handled the Static test without a single error. It had perfect uptime on one monitor and the other showed 99.9991%. Unfortunately, Krystal started to slow down around 700 VUsers during the Load Storm test which kept it out of award contention.
Visit Krystal Hosting Website
LightningBase is one of, if not, the longest continuous participant(s) in the benchmarks. The Load Storm test went well with LightningBase having the third fastest wp-login. The Static test also went well. Uptime was perfect. LightningBase also picked up a fastest single location speed on WPT. LightningBase's streak of longest continuous Top Tier awards continues.
Visit Lightning Base Website
ManagedWPHosting handled the Static test fine, it may have been the slowest in average and p95, but the graph was flatish and slightly speeding up as the test went on with an average of 162ms. They had excellent uptime at perfect and 99.9991%. ManagedWPHosting also picked up the second fastest PHP Bench and an A+ SSL grade. Unfortunately, the Load Storm test had a spike right as it reached 1000VUsers causing a slow down, which it recovered from. However, it caused too much of a slow down and errors to be considered for an award. I'm not sure what caused it because it handled 1000VUsers after recovering for a while, but the product looks about one spike away from award consideration.
Visit ManagedWPHosting Website
Nexcess has been a regular participant in these benchmarks and missed earning any awards the last couple years at this price tier. But this was finally Nexcess's year. It's nice to see hard work and improvements pay off. The Load Storm test went by effortlessly. The Static test saw Nexcess pickup the third fastest average and p95 at 13ms and 20ms respectively. Their Achilles heal had been uptime issues which were finally solved this year with 99.999% and 99.9873% uptime. Nexcess also had the fastest PHP and WP Bench scores. Nexcess finally earned a well deserved Top Tier award for this price tier.
Visit Nexcess Website
Pressable brought the speed again this year. Pressable had the fastest p95 on the Load Storm test and the second fastest Asset speed. Pressable also had the fastest Static test with an average response time of 5.2ms and 12ms p95. Perfect uptime on both monitors. Another year, another Top Tier for Pressable.
Visit Pressable Website
ROMARG was another first time participant in the benchmarks. The Load Storm and Static test went without issue, flat response times and zero errors is always nice to see. ROMARG's uptime was 99.962% and 99.9372%. ROMARG also picked up the third fastest WP Bench score. Overall, ROMARG's performance was Top Tier, it handled all the tests without showing any signs of stress.
Visit ROMARG Website
Despite no longer offering the product, ShortPixel Hosting had a very good showing. The Load Storm test went well and ShortPixel even managed the third fastest wp-login speed. The Static test also went well with 140ms average response time. ShortPixel also had perfect and 99.9964% uptime. ShortPixel even picked up the fastest speed in one location on the WPT and the second fastest WP Bench. It was a Top Tier performance for ShortPixel's hosting product.
Visit ShortPixel Hosting Website
SiteGround's Static test had a quick average response time of 22ms. The uptime was perfect and 99.9982%. SiteGround looked excellent on the WPT where it had the second fastest average and was the fastested in 3 locations individually. The Load Storm test went almost perfect but there was a few spikes that looked like a couple locations had networking issues causing the very small spikes. I've erred on the side of these being networking issues, as the server itself seemed fine and continued to server content fine to the other locations without any impact on loading speed. So SiteGround earns Top Tier status this year.
Visit SiteGround Website
Stoute Web Solutions is a new GridPane powered participant in the benchmarks. Stoute Web Solutions handled the Load Storm test without issue. While their results in the Load Storm test were somewhat middle of the pack, the Static test saw Stoute Web Solutions deliver a very fast 21ms average response time and 30ms p95. Uptime was solid at 100% and 99.9868%. It even picked up a fastest single location in the WPT. They also picked up third fastest PHP Bench. Stoute Web Solutions was a welcome newcomer that had an excellent first showing - earning themselves Top Tier recognition.
Visit Stoute Web Solutions Website
Stromonic was acquired mid-test and the new owner was not prepared or interested in participating. The results are incomplete. They were disqualified from any award consideration.
Visit Stromonic Website
WP Buzz was a new entrant this year and the only company to take advantage of the sponsorship program. The Static test went very well for WP Buzz with an average response time of 48ms. The uptime was 100% and 99.9991% which is fantastic. WP Buzz even picked up the fastest WPT speed in a single location. Unfortunately, the Load Storm test didn't go very well. There were issues starting around 250 VUsers and then errors. This was due to a security issue which couldn't be worked around. So there may very well be a very strong product underneath, but we weren't fully able to test it which kept WP Buzz from any award contention.
Visit WP Buzz Website
WPX has been a consistent Top Tier performer in these benchmarks. The Load Storm test went very well this year with WPX clocking the second fastest p95 and the fastest Asset speed. The Static test went equally as well with WPX having an blazingly fast average response time of 11ms, good for third overall. Uptime was 100% and 99.9995%. WPX also managed the third fastest average on the WPT with the fastest score in 2 locations. WPX's streak of Top Tier awards won't be broken this year.
Visit WPX Website

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