WooCommerce Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2022

WooCommerce Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2022

Please read the Methodology to fully understand the scope of these tests.

Note: Please check company profiles for summary of performances across multiple tiers. Some companies also offer promotions or coupon codes for a discount as well.

WooCommerce Hosting Performance Benchmarks is spawned off WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks and is designed to create a consistent set of benchmarks showing how WooCommerce specialized web hosting companies perform. The focus of these tests is performancenot support, not features, not any other dimension. These benchmarks should be looked at in combination with other sources of information when making any hosting decision. Review Signal’s web hosting reviews has insights for some of the companies with regards to aspects beyond performance. That said, for the performance conscious, these benchmarks should be a good guide.

The major differences from the WordPress methodology are the following:


All tests were performed on an identical WooCommerce dummy website with the same plugins except in cases where hosts added extra plugins or code. The Storefront theme was used with the following sample products. The following Plugins were installed: WooCommerce,  and WP Performance Tester.

k6 Load Storm

The process for LoadStorm was the unique WooCommerce specific test emulated from last year into k6. There were four different profiles created and given their own user distributions (in % after profile), all with 5-10 second page think time. The test scaled from 4 to 1000 concurrent users over 40 minutes and stayed at 1,000 concurrent users for 20 minutes (60 minute test, 20 minute peak).

Profile 1 (20%): Buyer – Homepage, add item to cart, go to cart, checkout (doesn’t submit order)

Profile 2 (10%): Customer (existing) – Homepage, login, view orders, view account details

Profile 3 (20%): Browser – Homepage, visit 5 random product pages

Profile 4 (50%): Home – Homepage only

Source files available here: https://github.com/ReviewSignal/k6-WordPress-benchmarks

k6 Static

Followed the $51-100/Month Price Tier with load going from 1-2000 users over 15 minutes.

The Companies and Products

CompanyPlan Monthly PricePlan Visitors AllowedPlan MemoryPlan Disk SpacePlan BandwidthPlan Sites Allowed
Cloudways $50Unlimited4 GB80 GB4 TBUnlimited
GreenGeeks $25.95Unlimited3 GBUnlimitedUnmeteredUnlimited
ICDSoft $10Unlimited2 GB Per process memory limit100 GB5 TB1 site.
Nexcess 19Unmeteredcloud - variable bursts30 GB3 TB1
Pressable $4550,000512 MB / Process30 GBUnlimited3
raidboxes 50€Unlimited4 GB20 GBUp to 10Gbit1
SaveinCloud BRL 510UnlimitedUp to 8 GiB Based on usage.Up to 20 GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Servebolt $99Dynamic Requests are set per planUmetered6 GBUnlimited5
SiteGround $39.99No hard limit. Recommended ~400,000N/A40 GBUnlimitedNo limit
WordPress.com $45UnlimitedN/A200 GBUnlimited1
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LoadStorm Testing Results

The Load Storm test (in k6) is designed to simulate real users visiting the site, logging in and browsing. It tests uncached performance.

The key metrics are:

Results Table

CompanyTotal RequestsTotal ErrorsPeak RpsAverage RpsP95Page Cum AvgAsset Cum AvgLogin Cum AvgWp-login Average Response TimeWoo Buyer ProfileWoo Customer ProfileWoo Browser ProfileWoo Home ProfileWoo Cart Response Cumavg
Cloudways 24167081976576.3867509436411214316402755519675094349663514557416
GreenGeeks 5124220214.67142635356150201150727643623607155
ICDSoft 5451900226.33151441168242194163423411419453164
Nexcess 416711582198.81115697574220582416226374237231396269112586
Pressable 5589100234.4815531316770249200563401250299204
raidboxes 3938120289.051096623109329513875359571676911617565273852
SaveinCloud 591120577271019.81164675310319382359911639607555377
Servebolt 5446374228.24151411212177240210495429403369216
SiteGround 5039872212.761401071200650753716127910558551031805
WordPress.com 5166160214.29143519115323421329987651373431344


GreenGeeks, ICDSoft, Pressable, Servebolt, and WordPress.com didn't have any issues.

SiteGround had good looking tests, just the response time was a little on the slower side with p95 of 1071 and 3/4 profiles loading over 1000ms on average.

Cloudways started slowing down around 200 VUsers with errors kicking in around 450 which is when login stopped functioning.

Nexcess and Raidboxes both started slowing down around 600 VUsers.

SaveinCloud actually had a great run if you removed a 3 minute window where auto scaling started kicking in. The auto scaling caused some errors/load time increases while getting started, but once it was running the performance was solid and completely recovered.

Load Storm Average Response Time by Profile

This takes deeper look at the results and analyzes the performance of loading HTML mime types, to ignore a lot of static assets which are cached and bring down average response times. This tests how fast the initial pages are delivered, which is what a user would experience before loading all the other assets like css, javascript and images.

Results Table

CompanyBuyer ProfileCustomer ProfileBrowser ProfileHome ProfileCart Response Cumavg
Cloudways 519675094349663514557416
GreenGeeks 727643623607155
ICDSoft 423411419453164
Nexcess 74237231396269112586
Pressable 563401250299204
raidboxes 71676911617565273852
SaveinCloud 911639607555377
Servebolt 495429403369216
SiteGround 127910558551031805
WordPress.com 987651373431344

Cloudways is the unfortunate standpoint with their response times nearly maxing out.

Nexcess and Raidboxes also slowed down a significant amount on every profile.

Pressable had 3/4 fastest profiles.

Servebolt was consistent top 3 in every profile.

ICDSoft was the fastest in one profile and top 3 in another.

WordPress.com was in the top 3 twice.

GreenGeeks had the fastest cart response time.

K6 Static Testing Results

K6 Static test is designed to test cached performance by repeatedly requesting the homepage.

Results Table

CompanyRequestsErrorsPeak RpsAverage Response TimeAverage RpsP95
Cloudways 66489301433356730723
GreenGeeks 67539101493.83334741663
ICDSoft 68704501437.83312755723
Nexcess 693987671467.83297758487
Pressable 87976801961.3324966140
raidboxes 65463601436.33377719871
SaveinCloud 732280171614.33230805425
Servebolt 76455161687.83178812301
SiteGround 86438801895.3342950149
WordPress.com 89430101973.837.298221


GreenGeeks, Pressable, Raidboxes, SaveInCloud, Servebolt, SiteGround, and WordPress.com all handled this test without issue.

Cloudways and ICDSoft started getting a few minor spikes towards the end of the test, but nothing major.

Nexcess struggled towards the end of the test with response times exceeding 2000ms.

Uptime Testing Results

Uptime is monitored by two companies: HetrixTools and Uptime Robot. A self hosted monitor was also run in case there was a major discrepancy between the two third party monitors.

Results Table

CompanyUptime RobotHetrix
Cloudways 99.98599.8499
GreenGeeks 99.99299.9895
ICDSoft 99.95799.9476
Nexcess 99.8999.8951
Pressable 99.997100
raidboxes 99.9999.9882
SaveinCloud 99.8599.8476
Servebolt 99.99899.9657
SiteGround 10099.9942
WordPress.com 100100


GreenGeeks, ICDSoft, Pressable, Raidboxes, Servebolt, SiteGround, and WordPress.com all had good uptime.

Nexcess and SaveInCloud fell just below the 99.9% threshold expected.

Cloudways showed good uptime on one monitor while the second showed good uptime. The issue seemed to be resolving the hostname from HetrixTools. Unfortunately, I don't a third monitor to tie break in this instance.

WebPageTest Testing Results

WebPageTest fully loads the homepage and records how long it takes from 12 different locations around the world. Result are measured in seconds.

Results Table

CompanyVirginiaCaliforniaSalt Lake CityLondonFrankfurtCape TownSingaporeMumbaiTokyoSydneyBrazilDubaiAverage
Cloudways 0.5740.9120.9941.0191.0812.252.2392.0531.5912.0531.2492.51.542916667
GreenGeeks 0.3660.3930.4250.4920.5861.0611.0011.030.8850.8560.6931.0650.73775
ICDSoft 0.6980.9011.0370.9541.1522.0712.4351.9011.6221.9961.2742.2571.524833333
Nexcess 0.7610.871.0421.0021.5422.1541.7371.8171.392.0021.5372.4621.526333333
Pressable 0.7410.6670.9330.9060.6220.910.7541.1180.8860.6640.7261.4030.8608333333
raidboxes 1.1951.5521.3890.6970.571.6331.651.252.3232.8072.1172.1121.607916667
SaveinCloud 1.6041.8391.6761.9562.2213.0383.4523.793.0873.5190.7222.9772.490083333
Servebolt 0.8060.6450.9461.0280.9851.541.3611.3941.1251.3891.2562.4481.243583333
SiteGround 1.1530.9231.2181.1241.2042.2741.4411.8231.3831.4851.8852.9351.570666667
WordPress.com 0.6120.5510.8730.5880.6080.9150.6440.6020.9990.6170.6381.7360.7819166667


GreekGeeks is the surprising standout this year with the fastest average response time globally and notching itself 6/12 fastest response times.

WordPress.com was fastest in 4/12 locations with sister company Pressable just edging it out by 5ms in Cape Town. German company Raidboxes picked up the final fastest location out of their home country with the fastest speed in Frankfurt.

What is impressive is the fastest average time last year was 1.15, this year it was .73 (GreenGeeks) with two more companies - Pressable/WordPress.com - coming in faster than fastest average last year. The second slowest average (1.6) would be the third fastest speed the previous year.

Everyone, especially consumers, looks like a winner given the historical context.

WPPerformanceTester Testing Results

WPPerformanceTester performs two benchmarks. One is a WordPress (WP Bench) and the other is a PHP Bench. WP Bench measures how many WP queries per second and higher tends to be better (varies considerably by architecture). PHP Bench performs a lot of computational and some database operations which are measured in seconds to complete. Lower PHP Bench is better.

Results Table

CompanyPHP BenchWP Bench
Cloudways 7.568963.3911368
GreenGeeks 14.881148.105626
ICDSoft 10.1521426.533524
Nexcess 7.732966.1835749
Pressable 10.131356.852103
raidboxes 7.964737.4631268
SaveinCloud 10.914560.2240896
Servebolt 5.8392178.649237
SiteGround 9.4061468.428781
WordPress.com 9.6472463.054187


Version 2 of the plugin was used, so we cannot compare against previous years.

Servebolt was the fastest by a decent margin on the PHP Bench.

GreenGeeks was the slowest with a score almost 3 times as high as Servebolt. It does show us that raw CPU doesn't necessarily translate to the best performance though.

WordPress.com had the fastest WP Bench with Servebolt not too far behind.

Cloudways, Nexcess, Raidboxes and SaveInCloud had the slowest WP Bench scores, which interesting correlated with who struggled on the Load Storm test (although SaveInCloud's autoscaling handled it). A database heavy system like WooCommerce might have more correlation with WP Bench scores in terms of performance.

SSL Testing Results

The tool is available at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

Results Table

CompanyQualsys SSL Grade
Cloudways A
GreenGeeks A+
Nexcess A
Pressable A
raidboxes A+
SaveinCloud A
Servebolt A
SiteGround A
WordPress.com A+


In the words of Oprah, you get an A, you get an A, you get an A.

Everyone gets an A.

GreenGeeks, Raidboxes and WordPress.com all got A+.


There are two levels of recognition awarded to companies that participate in the tests. There is no ‘best’ declared, it’s simply tiered, it’s hard to come up with an objective ranking system because of the complex nature of hosting. These tests also don’t take into account outside factors such as reviews, support, and features. It is simply testing performance as described in the methodology.

Top Tier

This year's Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award goes to the following companies who showed virtually no signs of struggle during the testing.

Honorable Mention

The following companies earned Honorable Mention status because they did very well and had a minor issue or two holding them back from earning Top Tier status.

Individual Host Analysis

Cloudways had a pretty good static test, a few bumps but nothing much to complain about there. Cloudways unfortunately struggled tremendously on the WooCommerce (Load Storm) test. I can't help but wonder if the low WP Bench score correlates with difficulty on the WooCommerce test. Would a faster CPU/DB help?
Visit Cloudways Website
A huge congratulations to GreenGeeks who elevated from Honorable Mention to Top Tier status this year. After being on the edge previously, they continued to improve. GreenGeeks had the second fastest Asset/Login CumAvg and the fastest wp login. However, the biggest surprise was GreenGeeks had the fastest WPT test average and was the fastest in half the testing locations. Well done.
Visit GreenGeeks Website
First time participant ICDSoft made quite a splash this year. The WooCommerce test had ICDSoft with fastest Login CumAvg and buyer profile. It was also pretty consistently in the top 4 on most of the other metrics on that test. It did respectably in all the other tests. The only minor issue was the static test, the average response time started go over 1000ms towards the very end of the test. ICDSoft earned itself a very honorable mention.
Visit ICDSoft Website
Nexcess had the third fastest PHP bench score. Overall, nexcess had another difficult year on these bechmarks Both load tests caused some struggles and the uptime fell just below the 99.9% threshold. I hope to see some big improvements next year.
Visit Nexcess Website
Pressable's third Top Tier performance in a row. Consistent excellence. The fastest p95 and the fastest in 3/4 WooCommerce profiles. The second fastest Static load speeds. 100% and 99.99+% on uptime monitors. They had third fastest WPT average. Undoubtedly Top Tier.
Visit Pressable Website
The bright spots for Raidboxes were they were the fastest response time in Frankfurt, Germany. They also had excellent uptime and an A+ rating on their SSL certificate. The static load test was also very good, it was perfectly flat showing zero signs of stress. The less fortunate side was it struggled tremendously with the WooCommerce (Load Storm) load test quite a lot.
Visit raidboxes Website
SaveInCloud's first foray into the WooCommerce benchmark was a mixed experience. The WooCommerce (LoadStorm) test showed so much promise, if we simply removed a 3 minute window of auto scaling it would have been excellent. But the auto scaling did cause errors and load time increases. There looks to be a lot of potential in SaveInCloud's product, hopefully next year it will come back and earn Top Tier honors.
Visit SaveinCloud Website
Servebolt earning Top Tier status shouldn't come as any surprise. They've been one of the most consistent Top Tier performers in these benchmarks. Servebolt had the fastest PHP Bench, the second fastest WP Bench. Their load tests had the strange pattern of actually getting faster as the test sent more users. They were in the top 3 for every different customer profile and had the second fastest p95 in the Woo specific load test. Easily a Top Tier performance.
Visit Servebolt Website
Overall a great performance from SiteGround this year. It had the third fastest static load speeds. It had 100% and 99.99+% uptime. It had the third fastest WP Bench. The only knock on SiteGround was the p95 and some of the profiles in the WooCommerce test just went over 1000ms. SiteGround has earned itself a very Honorable Mention this year.
Visit SiteGround Website
The fastest p95 on the static test at 21ms shows WordPress.com's global caching is excellent. WordPress.com also had the fastest Page load speeds (PageCumAvg). The only company with perfect uptime on both monitor. The fastest WP Bench. The second fastest WPT average and fastest in 33% of locations. Another well deserved Top Tier award for WordPress.com.
Visit WordPress.com Website

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