<$25/Month WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2022

<$25/Month WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks 2022

Please read the Methodology to fully understand the scope of these tests.

Note: Please check company profiles for summary of performances across multiple tiers. Some companies also offer promotions or coupon codes for a discount as well.

Cloudways competed with a Digital Ocean Premium 1GB droplet.

The Companies and Products

CompanyPlan Monthly PricePlan Visitors AllowedPlan MemoryPlan Disk SpacePlan BandwidthPlan Sites Allowed
20i 5.99 GBPUnlimitedUnlimited10501
34SP.com 9.95 GBPUnlimited1.25GB20 GBUnlimited1
Cloudways 10Unlimited1 GB25 GB1 TBUnlimited
DreamHost $19.95Unlimited (recommended limits but not enforced)1.5 GB30 GBUnlimited1
EasyWP by Namecheap $13.88500,0001152 MB100 GBUnlimited1
Eco Web Hosting £5.99UnlimitedAutoscaling with no hard limit25 GBUnlimited1
GoDaddy $24.99Unlimited-UnlimitedUnlimited1
GreenGeeks $15.95Unlimited2 GBUnlimitedUnmeteredUnlimited
HostXNow £14Unlimited450 GB NVMe SSDUnlimited Unlimited
ICDSoft $10Unlimited2 GB Per process memory limit100 GB5 TB1
InMotion Hosting 23.99No set limit, suitable for 125,000No set limit.No set limit.UnlimitedUnlimited
Krystal Hosting £9.99Unlimited2 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Lightning Base 9.9510,000, but this is not monitored/limited.3 GB1 GB40 GB1
ManagedWPHosting 11Unlimitedaccount has at least 256MB PHP RAM, server has 12 GB at least5 GB50 GB1
MechanicWeb $19.25Unlimited3 GB30 GB300 GBUnlimited
Nexcess 19unmeteredcloud - variable bursts15 GB2 TB1
Pressable $195,000512 MB / Process10 GBUnlimited1
raidboxes 15€Unlimited2 GB5 GB1Gbit1
RSHosting.com $2025,0002 GBUnlimitedUnlimited5
Sailed.io $24Unlimited4 GB80 GB NVMe SSD4TBUnlimited
SiteGround $24.99No hard limit. Recommend ~100,000N/A20 GBUnlimitedNo limit
VapourHost 8.99 USDNot limited2.5 GB35 GB1500 GBUnlimited
WPCycle 19.95100,000 unique visits per month2 GB10 GBUnlimited2
WPX $24.99Unlimited256 MB per PHP process, 3 PHP processes per website10 GB100 GB5
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LoadStorm Testing Results

The Load Storm test (in k6) is designed to simulate real users visiting the site, logging in and browsing. It tests uncached performance.

The key metrics are:

Results Table

CompanyTotal RequestsTotal ErrorsPeak RpsAverage RpsP95Page Cum AvgAsset Cum AvgLogin Cum AvgWp-login Average Response Time
20i 32692850308.171771095635275506345
34SP.com 3336630285.58181803354301358218
Cloudways 160790229137.758721119101545415976110920
DreamHost 2245310166.9212218559105898981102010747
EasyWP by Namecheap 3388554296.83184361195168190180
Eco Web Hosting 3264441282.831771087620278507349
GoDaddy 446867202496.332427514301844041937
GreenGeeks 33071827301.08180711372270294154
HostXNow 3521946307.92192823408270398265
ICDSoft 34115930303.5185341153156148144
InMotion Hosting 54885866121482.42298779253310336262
Krystal Hosting 2533140197.2513710495516562456965512
Lightning Base 3498190299.17190583274237360187
ManagedWPHosting 343458205336.831861823123732413331323
MechanicWeb 3543240302.17193759272274281144
Nexcess 37649410338.25205493279140277257
Pressable 4253980359.9223132120273239217
raidboxes 26787234779268.42146123114944411314830068
RSHosting.com 2425810184.1713212991663777776487255
Sailed.io 3209750285.751741591998270821699
SiteGround 3512760303.751911267127576647
VapourHost 30668163293.51673855209542525442248
WPCycle 3362950294183695256289300168
WPX 3510950292.42191107161115741500


20i, 34SP.com, EasyWP by NameCheap, Eco Web Hosting, GreenGeeks, HostXNow, ICDSoft, Lightning Base, MechanicWeb, Nexcess, Pressable, SiteGround, WPCycle and WPX all didn't have issues with the Load Storm test.

Cloudways started to slow down around 300 VUsers.

DreamHost started to slow down around 450 VUsers but never had an error.

GoDaddy handled the test quite well but the wp-login response times were a bit high.

InMotion Hosting appeared to hit a rate limit that couldn't be bypassed, so while the response times look good, there were quite a few 429 errors.

Krystal Hosting started to slow down around 600 VUsers.

ManagedWPHosting had some spikes which brought the response times up.

Raidboxes struggled with the test with increasing load times into errors.

RSHosting.com began to slow down around 550 VUsers.

Sailed.io started to slow down around 900 VUsers.

VapourHost started to show signs of load around 1000 VUsers.

SiteGround picked up the fastest P95 and page load times.

ICDSoft picked up the fastest login cumavg and tied for fastest wp-login with MechanicWeb.

WPX picked up the fastest asset average.

20i, Eco Web Hosting and WPX all had P95 response times over 1000ms but showed no signs of load increasing and were awarded Top Tier status because their server locations potentially favored US locations over other locations for the P95 metric.

K6 Static Testing Results

K6 Static test is designed to test cached performance by repeatedly requesting the homepage.

Results Table

CompanyRequestsErrorsPeak RpsAverage Response TimeAverage RpsP95
20i 4269130945.3355469170
34SP.com 3599150795.67251396531
Cloudways 3688730818.17221404467
DreamHost 3675200814.5225403475
EasyWP by Namecheap 3949340869140434251
Eco Web Hosting 4270210947.3355469167
GoDaddy 36403816808.67234400519
GreenGeeks 3646380801.83235400439
HostXNow 3606260796.83249395555
ICDSoft 3848120850.33169421345
InMotion Hosting 3677520808.33224402527
Krystal Hosting 3661060810.17230402547
Lightning Base 3645650799.17235400495
ManagedWPHosting 35163040800.17264385567
MechanicWeb 3604550792.33250396551
Nexcess 3585580792255394481
Pressable 4477400986.675.948918
raidboxes 3584180794.17257394575
RSHosting.com 3554090779.83267391503
Sailed.io 3692600816.83220406469
SiteGround 4420440981.171948567
VapourHost 3582660790.17257392575
WPCycle 3615820795.67246396457
WPX 4437180976.831548689


ManagedWPHosting had a few minor spikes where load time went up.

Everyone else handled the Static test without issue.

It's truly impressive to see how much performance has come along even from the year before where multiple companies seriously struggled with this test.

Pressable had some very fast average and p95 response times at 5.9ms and 18ms respectively.

WPX and SiteGround were not far behind at 15ms and 19ms average response times. 20i and EcoWebHosting were tied at 55ms average response times.

It's almost unbelievable the slowest average response time was a mere 267ms and p95 was 575ms. That means for <$25, you could pick any of the 25 companies tested and your website would be delivering static homepages within a quarter of a second on average globally or in about half a second for the 95th percentile of users. Incredible.

Uptime Testing Results

Uptime is monitored by two companies: HetrixTools and Uptime Robot. A self hosted monitor was also run in case there was a major discrepancy between the two third party monitors.

Results Table

CompanyUptime RobotHetrix
20i 99.999100
34SP.com 99.99999.9943
Cloudways 10099.8342
DreamHost 99.99799.9991
EasyWP by Namecheap 99.96199.9414
Eco Web Hosting 100100
GoDaddy 99.98599.9973
GreenGeeks 99.99999.994
HostXNow 99.9999.9406
ICDSoft 99.95999.948
InMotion Hosting 99.98899.9707
Krystal Hosting 100100
Lightning Base 99.99899.9982
ManagedWPHosting 99.99999.9969
MechanicWeb 99.99899.9971
Nexcess 99.87599.8823
Pressable 99.997100
raidboxes 99.99999.9981
RSHosting.com 99.96999.9651
Sailed.io 100100
SiteGround 99.9999.9959
VapourHost 99.80699.8007
WPCycle 99.68899.6575
WPX 100100


Cloudways had an issue with Hetrix Tools on every plan tested this year which showed very different result because of downtime which Hetrix Tools reported but UptimeRobot had no issues during the window.

Nexcess, VapourHost and WPCycle fell below the 99.9% uptime threshold.

Every other company was above the 99.9% threshold.

20i, EcoWebHosting, Krystal, Pressable, Sailed.io and WPX all reported perfect uptime on at least one monitor.

WebPageTest Testing Results

WebPageTest fully loads the homepage and records how long it takes from 12 different locations around the world. Result are measured in seconds.

Results Table

CompanyVirginiaCaliforniaSalt Lake CityLondonFrankfurtCape TownSingaporeMumbaiTokyoSydneyBrazilDubaiAverage
20i 0.3730.2160.8050.1440.2220.2440.3250.7180.3020.840.6870.6920.464
34SP.com 0.6250.8540.8380.2230.2220.8660.930.7631.4571.4371.0390.7380.8326666667
Cloudways 0.1770.4220.3440.4310.5151.231.1911.0850.8951.1070.671.0170.757
DreamHost 0.220.4190.4160.5210.7991.2131.2951.080.9881.1240.7181.0920.82375
EasyWP by Namecheap 0.4790.2360.3560.8570.8771.5821.0371.3680.8111.181.0071.390.9316666667
Eco Web Hosting 0.3290.2070.5220.1650.1960.2130.3220.7170.2110.8320.710.7080.4276666667
GoDaddy 0.3030.4710.4710.4590.471.5361.1241.3960.8151.2421.0311.2590.8814166667
GreenGeeks 0.2580.2460.2610.3190.4950.8130.6990.7210.5880.6410.4820.6950.5181666667
HostXNow 0.530.8560.8770.2020.3660.8651.50.8191.3661.5041.0650.6880.8865
ICDSoft 0.2730.4790.470.5920.641.2311.4251.1171.021.2040.831.0880.8640833333
InMotion Hosting 0.2030.520.3990.5480.8181.4251.4721.2621.2051.6480.8491.2520.96675
Krystal Hosting 0.220.5110.4850.490.5461.3481.3181.2141.211.4160.7361.2410.8945833333
Lightning Base 0.3170.3420.3350.6010.7911.3831.0351.3270.7991.0350.8481.3450.8465
ManagedWPHosting 0.6411.0090.9350.2250.1591.0261.3550.8671.6051.7481.2750.8170.9718333333
MechanicWeb 0.6050.8210.8480.1220.1890.8451.5010.7681.4031.4671.1050.6810.8629166667
Nexcess 0.330.4860.4540.551.1921.6691.341.4541.0091.6181.1541.8451.09175
Pressable 0.2790.3360.3180.2260.2050.2860.2720.4490.3090.2530.2480.4820.30525
raidboxes 0.6030.9150.8240.1830.1760.8780.9240.7121.2851.5391.1340.6730.8205
RSHosting.com 0.6470.2650.2380.8480.9011.4991.0811.3720.7880.9571.0691.4270.9243333333
Sailed.io 0.2270.450.3750.4720.5291.221.2141.0490.8221.1230.691.0030.7645
SiteGround 0.5640.6370.5180.8860.9721.7471.6211.771.3531.5171.2031.6081.199666667
VapourHost 0.7180.9250.8740.270.2090.8890.8890.7271.2431.561.2140.6960.8511666667
WPCycle 0.3330.4590.4120.6260.8451.3441.281.2210.9111.1650.8351.1310.8801666667
WPX 0.170.1650.1920.1260.1380.8510.1290.1470.1330.170.1280.2360.2154166667


WPX had the fastest average response times and was the fastest in 10/12 locations.

MechanicWeb and EcoWebHosting picked up the other two fastest single location scores.

Pressable had the second fastest average and EcoWebHosting the third fastest average.

WPPerformanceTester Testing Results

WPPerformanceTester performs two benchmarks. One is a WordPress (WP Bench) and the other is a PHP Bench. WP Bench measures how many WP queries per second and higher tends to be better (varies considerably by architecture). PHP Bench performs a lot of computational and some database operations which are measured in seconds to complete. Lower PHP Bench is better.

Results Table

CompanyPHP BenchWP Bench
20i 9.289489.7159647
34SP.com 12.977474.3833017
Cloudways 7.5231007.049345
DreamHost 10.188773.3952049
EasyWP by Namecheap 9.465848.1764207
Eco Web Hosting 11.879369.139904
GoDaddy 12.715534.1880342
GreenGeeks 14.1191392.75766
HostXNow 5.0774032.258065
ICDSoft 10.1061221.001221
InMotion Hosting 10.6981461.988304
Krystal Hosting 8.7681769.911504
Lightning Base 7.975749.6251874
ManagedWPHosting 13.23139.0240512
MechanicWeb 5.082777.777778
Nexcess 7.734985.2216749
Pressable 10.0061349.527665
raidboxes 11.122435.5400697
RSHosting.com 8.974309.5975232
Sailed.io 10.341635.3240152
SiteGround 9.7571295.336788
VapourHost 6.0812398.081535
WPCycle 15.634698.8120196
WPX 6.8932347.41784


HostXNow had the fastest PHP and WP Bench scores which was the fastest WP Bench of any plan this year.

MechanicWeb was neck and neck with HostXNow on the PHP Bench and a clear second place on the WP Bench.

VapourHost had the third fastest PHP and WP Bench scores.

SSL Testing Results

The tool is available at https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/

Results Table

CompanyQualsys SSL Grade
20i A
34SP.com A
Cloudways A
DreamHost A+
EasyWP by Namecheap A+
Eco Web Hosting A
GoDaddy A
GreenGeeks A+
HostXNow A
InMotion Hosting B
Krystal Hosting A
Lightning Base A
ManagedWPHosting A+
MechanicWeb A
Nexcess A
Pressable A
raidboxes A+
RSHosting.com A
Sailed.io A
SiteGround A
VapourHost A
WPCycle A+


DreamHost, EasyWP (NameCheap), GreenGeeks, ManagedWPHosting, Raidboxes, and WPCycle all scored an A+.

Everyone else scored an A with the exception of InMotionHosting which scored a B.


There are two levels of recognition awarded to companies that participate in the tests. There is no ‘best’ declared, it’s simply tiered, it’s hard to come up with an objective ranking system because of the complex nature of hosting. These tests also don’t take into account outside factors such as reviews, support, and features. It is simply testing performance as described in the methodology.

Top Tier

This year's Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance Award goes to the following companies who showed virtually no signs of struggle during the testing.

Honorable Mention

The following companies earned Honorable Mention status because they did very well and had a minor issue or two holding them back from earning Top Tier status.

No company achieved this status.

Individual Host Analysis

20i was tied for 4th fastest average response time and 5th fastest p95 on the Static test. 20i handled the Load Storm test with ease and fell under the new evaluation criteria about P95 scores barely above 1000ms but with stable results. 20i also had perfect and 99.999% uptime. A Top Tier performance for the second year in a row.
Visit 20i Website
34SP handled both the Load Storm and Static test without issue. It had near perfect uptime with both monitors showing in excess of 99.99%. In a crowded field it's hard to stand out, but 34SP put up a Top Tier performance without a single error this year. Well done, after two Honorable Mentions in a row, 34SP finally moved up showing that hard work does pay off.
Visit 34SP.com Website
Cloudways handled the Static test with ease. Cloudways had the same uptime monitoring issue with Hetrix Tools on every plan this year but Uptime Robot showed a perfect uptime. Unfortunately, Cloudways struggled with the Load Storm test which caused the server response times to go very high.
Visit Cloudways Website
DreamHost handled the static test without issue. DreamHost also had excellent uptime with both monitors above 99.99%. Unfortunately, DreamHost had trouble with the Load Storm test which never errored but did slow down beginning around 450 VUsers.
Visit DreamHost Website
NameCheap has had a difficult year with much of their staff being based in Ukraine and almost didn't complete the tests this year. They reported that they have been under multiple DDoS attacks and it took an incredible effort to find the resources to participate in the benchmarks. Despite all the adversity, EasyWP had the second fastest login average, third fastest page and fourth fastest P95 on the Load Storm test. EasyWP also handled the Static test without any issues. EasyWP stayed above the 99.9% threshold despite the DDoS attacks. These benchmarks have a no withdrawal policy once the benchmarking is done and NameCheap's situation tested the limit of the policy, but instead of a withdrawal, it is with great pride I can give EasyWP by Namecheap a Top Tier award.
Visit EasyWP by Namecheap Website
Eco Web Hosting was tied for fourth fastest average response time and had fourth fastest p95 on the Static test. Eco Web Hosting picked up the fastest speed in Cape Town on the WPT benchmark and third fastest average. Eco Web Hosting also handled the Load Storm test without issue. Throw in some perfect uptime on both monitors and you've earned a Top Tier award. Congrats.
Visit Eco Web Hosting Website
GoDaddy handled the Static test without issue. GoDaddy also had excellent uptime. GoDaddy mostly handled the Load Storm test well, the only downside was that the wp-login response times were almost 2000ms which kept it out of award contention.
Visit GoDaddy Website
GreenGeeks had the third fastest wp-login on the Load Storm test. GreenGeeks handled the Static test effortlessly. Both uptime monitors showed over 99.99% uptime. Overall, it was a Top Tier performance from Green Geeks.
Visit GreenGeeks Website
First time participant HostXNow had the fastest PHP and WP Bench (the fastest of any plan at any price tier). HostXNow also handled the Load Storm and Static test without issue. The blazing fast PHP and WP Bench scores definitely helped this new comer stand out and earn a Top Tier award on their first attempt. Congratulations!
Visit HostXNow Website
ICDSoft had the fastest login average and tied for fastest wp-login speed, it also had the second fastest page and third fastest p95 on the Load Storm test. ICDSoft was on the faster end of the spectrum on the Static test as well. They kept their uptime above 99.9%. ICDSoft definitely upped their game from last year where they earned an Honorable Mention; this year ICDSoft deserves the Top Tier recognition for their performance. Well done.
Visit ICDSoft Website
InMotion Hosting handled the Static test well. InMotion Hosting also had solid uptime. Unfortunately, there appeared to be some rate limiting blocks on the Load Storm test which caused 429 errors and kept them from earning any recognition this year.
Visit InMotion Hosting Website
Krystal had perfect uptime. Krystal also handled the Static test easily. Unfortunately, the Load Storm test caused a little stress on the server and slowed down below award recognition levels.
Visit Krystal Hosting Website
LightningBase handled the Load Storm and Static test without issue. LightningBase had near perfect uptime with both monitors showing above 99.998%. LightningBase is the longest continuous participating company in these benchmarks and it's nice to see them continually do well. They don't always stand out in having the absolute fastest scores or a brand that everyone talks about, but LightningBase has been a model of quiet excellence. LightningBase has earned Top Tier marks from 2014 onwards and this year is no exception. Congrats again on extending the Top Tier streak.
Visit Lightning Base Website
ManagedWPHosting had excellent uptime with both monitors above 99.99%. Unfortunately, the Load Storm and Static test both stressed the server a bit and caused increase response times which keeps them out of award contention.
Visit ManagedWPHosting Website
MechanicWeb tied for the fastest wp-login speed on the Load Storm test. MechanicWeb had the second fastest PHP and WP bench scores. MechanicWeb also had the fastest WPT score in London. MechanicWeb also had excellent uptime with both monitors showing above 99.99%. MechanicWeb also handled the Static test without issue. This first time participant definitely stepped into the ring prepared and put on a good show, congrats on earning Top Tier status MechanicWeb.
Visit MechanicWeb Website
Nexcess had the fourth fastest asset and login average speeds on the Load Storm test. Nexcess handled the Static test without any problems. Unfortunately, the uptime fell just below the 99.9% threshold required to earn recognition.

Visit Nexcess Website
Pressable had the second fastest p95, third fastest asset and login average and fourth fastest page load speed on the Load Storm test. Pressable had the fastest average and p95 on the Static test at a blazing fast 5.9ms and 18ms respectively. Pressable also had perfect and near perfect uptime. Pressable had the second fastest WPT average response time. Pressable put on quite a show of consistently being one of the fastest, well done, Top Tier.
Visit Pressable Website
Raidboxes handled the Static test effortlessly. Raidboxes also had near perfect uptime with both monitors showing 99.99%+. Unfortunately, the Load Storm test overwhelmed the server causing slower response times and errors. I hope to see a bounce back next year from Raidboxes.
Visit raidboxes Website
RSHosting did well on the Static test. RSHosting also kept above the 99.9% uptime threshold. Unfortunately, the Load Storm test started to slow down around 550 VUsers, I hope next year proves the old adage 'Third Time is a Charm' true for RSHosting.
Visit RSHosting.com Website
Sailed.io is a first time participant and a bit different from the competition. Sailed.io offers a free and open source platform/tool for you to use to deploy your WordPress sites onto Digital Ocean. They have a premium option with paid support as well, but you're responsible to deploy Sailed onto your own droplets. Sailed.io asked to participate in the benchmarks to show their performance and after some discussion, I accepted and I'm happy to have them. But I also want to make sure readers are aware that Sailed isn't like a traditional WordPress host.

Sailed had perfect uptime. It also handled the Static test without blinking. The Load Storm test did overwhelm the server starting at 900 VUsers where it slowed down a bit. Overall, it was a pretty good first run. For a tool that's available for free to deploy on your own Digital Ocean machines, it certainly puts pressure on the competition.
Visit Sailed.io Website
SiteGround had the fastest P95 and page load speeds along with the second fastest asset response times on the Load Storm test. SiteGround had the second fastest p95 and third fastest average response time on the Static test. Both uptime monitors showed 99.99%+ which is excellent. A definite Top Tier performance from SiteGround.
Visit SiteGround Website
VapourHost had the third fastest PHP and WP Bench scores. VapourHost handled the Static test without issue. Unfortunately, VapourHost had some issues with uptime and it fell below 99.9%. It also struggled with the Load Storm test around 1000 VUsers. VapourHost showed some promise with some fast PHP/WP Bench scores, hopefully this new comer earns some awards next year.
Visit VapourHost Website
WPCycle had the fourth fastest wp-login speed on the Load Storm test. WPCycle also handled the Static test without issue. Unfortunately the uptime fell below the 99.9% threshold and kept WPCycle out of award contention. Definitely looks promising performance wise, just needs to make sure it is stable to get an award next year.
Visit WPCycle Website
WPX had the fastest asset load times on the Load Storm test. WPX had the second fastest average response time and third fastest p95 on the Static test. WPX had the fastest average response time in WPT and had fastest single location score in 10/12 locales. WPX did very well and earned itself Top Tier status again.
Visit WPX Website

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