2021 WooCommerce Hosting Plan List

CompanyPlan Monthly PricePlan Visitors AllowedPlan MemoryPlan Disk SpacePlan BandwidthPlan Sites AllowedSslMulti SiteCdnServer LocationsMigrationsSupport OptionsGitStaging EnvironmentWp-cli SupportAutomatic BackupsBackup FrequencyBackup RetentionWordpress Core UpdatesPhp VersionsSql DatabaseCaching TechnologiesSsh AccessSecurity Features And PoliciesControl PanelData PortabilitySlaGeographical FocusPlan LimitationsWoocommerce Specific FeaturesPci Compliance
A2Hosting $17.97Unlimited4GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedFree, AutoSSLYesN/AMichigan, Arizona, Amsterdam, SingaporeYes, FreePhone (24/7), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYesYesYesYesDaily30 DaysYesPHP 4.4 - PHP 7.4MariaDBMemcacheYesDDoS Mitigation, Firewalls, Mod SecuritycPanelcPanelhttps://www.a2hosting.com/99.9-uptime-commitmentN/AWe do not offer PCI Compliance hosting
GoDaddy $24.99Unlimited-UnlimitedUnlimited1included / $0NoSucuri Asset CDN integrated for free / $0USA & EuropeSelf Migrations are for free and unlimitedPhone (24/7), Email, Live Chat-yesYesYesdaily90 daysYes5.6 / 7.0 / 7.1 / 7.2 / 7.3MySqlVarnish, NginxYesFree SSL, Malware scan and removal includedCustomGD WordPress Hosting is open, you can migrate data away with any WordPress Migration plugin or external tool.99.9% uptime guaranteeglobal1,000 tables per database and no more than one gigabyte of storage per databaseWoo Premium Extension worth $3,000 included: https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/ecommerce-hosting#extensionsMERCHANT SERVER - PCI DSS validated - valid through Aug 31, 2021: https://www.visa.com/splisting/viewSPDetail.do?spId=4464&coName=GoDaddy%20Managed%20WordPress%2FWooCommerce&HeadCountryList=U.S.A.&reset=yes&pageInfo=1%3B30%3BASC%3BcoName
GreenGeeks 24.95Unlimited3.0 GBUnlimitedUnmeteredUnlimitedFreeYesCloudFlare, FreeChicago, US, Phoenix, US, Montreal, CA, and Amsterdam, NLFreePhone (Limited Hours), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYesYesYesYesNightly24 hrsYes7.4 (native, current), 7.3,7.2,7.1,7.0,5.6,5.5,5.4,5.3,5.2MariaDBLSCacheYesA combination of proprietary and third party software allows our system administrators to have the ability to identify potential harmful attacks across our network to help develop security rules before a problem occurs. In additon to this, we also provide account isolation, Linux Secure VFS, real-time scanning and more.cPanelThere are no limitations to data portability.https://www.greengeeks.com/support/article/greengeeks-sla-credit-policy/GlobalOther limitations can be found here, under Ecosite Premium: https://www.greengeeks.com/support/article/greengeeks-shared-hosting-pricing/no
Lightning Base $19.9525,000 Guideline5 GB5 GB100 GB cap3Yes, free, installed automaticallyYesYes, free via Cloudflare, with Railgun includedUnited States - Iowa, EU - Netherlands, Asia - Singapore, Australia - SydneyYes, one freeEmail, Support TicketYes, pre-installedYes, clone tool included with ability to create staging sitesYesYesNightly30 daysYesPHP 7, 8MySqlLiteSpeedYesSystems are located in secure facilities, and protected from the web via a multi-layered security system. This includes a basic edge firewall, followed by a webapp firewall using both commercial and custom/internal rules, further protected by isolation between clients at the operating system level. Real-time anti-virus/exploit scanning is performed, along with weekly full system scans. If a site is hacked we will make a best-effort attempt to assist in any way we can, including restoring backups, performing additional scans, manually inspecting site files/databases, and using 3rd party plugins to search for malicious content and clean the site.cPanelClients have full access to WP admin, SFTP, PHPMyAdmin, SSH, File Manager, downloadable backups, etc - most any migration option is possible.-GlobalLiteSpeed edge side includes have built-in support for WooCommerce, allowing better cache utilization for logged-in users and those with an item in the shopping cart. Elasticsearch available for larger WooCommerce sites that benefit from it.-
ManagedWPHosting €50.00not limited by vistor amount, it is limited by disk and trafficaccount has at least 128MB PHP RAM (as said on the site ,we provide 256MB), server has 32 GB20GB400GB a month1one zero-click Sectigo DV certificate with monitoringYesyes, freeRotterdamyes, free, one per account signupPhone (Limited Hours), Email, Support Ticketgit and svn are present see https://www.managedwphosting.nl/developers/yes, we make a copy for youYesYesat least 3x a day6 monthsYes7.4MariaDBVarnish, WP Rocket, WP Rocket two-click installer with ManagedWPHosting settings. Redis on request.YesWordPress WAF on multiple layers, IPS hardware firewalling, 2FA, more at https://www.managedwphosting.nl/veiligheid-managed-wordpress-hosting/ . help with cleanupDirect Admin + customerpanelFull backup availableno SLAEuropeNot specifically, if you exceed server usage in such a way that is reasonable, moving to an own VPS or dedicated server is the next step (when it cannot be solved with some software adjustments).The plan comes with a free sectigo DV certificate, 1 hour speed optimization (implementation and consultancy), 1 free .com domainname. This a dedicated NVME server wich is KVM virtualized for just 1 machine. Max allowed sites for the total server = 15, so your site shares the server with 14 other sites at max.We are not officially PCI compliant, however we have random DB prefixes, 2FA and stronger WP user password storage, we protect and update WP Core and update early also see your Security question list
Nexcess $19unmeteredcloud - variable bursts30GB3 TB1Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for each live domainYesNexcess Edge: 250GB/mo free, overage billing starts at $0.10/GB thereafter - https://help.nexcess.net/77208-cdn/nexcess-cdn-overage-billingMichigan (US), California (US), United Kingdom, Netherlands, AustraliaWe offer free white glove migrations and a free plugin for DIY migrationsPhone (24/7), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYesYes, one per siteYesYesNightly30 daysYesPHP 5.3/4/5/6? PHP 7? HHVM?MariaDBRedis, NginxYesEach plan includes iThemes Security Pro, proactive 24/7 monitoring, automatic plugin updates, initial server hardening and other server level protections, and a continuously updated web application firewall. In the rare case of a hacked site, our support team will do their best to remedy the issues. CustomOur support team can share the data in a downloadable file upon request, or the customer can freely migrate using a tool of their choice.We include 100% access to power and connectivity. You can see our SLA here: https://www.nexcess.net/policies/service-level-agreementGlobalWe include a value-added bundle with up to over $5,000 per year of plugins, themes and services. Our Managed WooCommerce plans also include services that are specifically helpful for people running WooCommerce stores -- for example, our Growth plans and above include on-demand load testing for preparation for high traffic events. All of our environments are PCI and SSAE-18 compliant. Our scope of support also includes guidance surrounding PCI scan reports for WooCommerce merchants, but not implementation.
Pressable $70100,000256GB40GBUnlimited5FreeNoFreeLos Angeles, Dallas, Washington DC, AmsterdamFreeEmail, Live ChatnoyesNoYesDaily7-daysYes7.3/7.4MariaDBMemcacheNoEncryption Strong encryption is critical to help ensure your privacy and security. We encrypt (serve over SSL) all Pressable sites. We consider strong encryption so important that we do not offer the option to disable it, which would compromise the security of your WordPress site. We also 301 redirect all insecure HTTP requests to the secure HTTPS version. Firewalls We run firewalls and have processes in place to alert us about unauthorized attempts to access WordPress.com accounts. Monitoring Suspicious Activity We continuously watch web traffic and monitor suspicious activity. We also have security measures in place to help protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Security Testing We regularly check the security of our services and look out for potential vulnerabilities. Data Backup and Recovery Our systems back up your site data on a regular basis, so in case of an event that causes data loss (like power supply failure or a natural disaster, for example) we can recover it. Security Team We have a dedicated security team committed to protecting your data. They work directly with our product teams to address potential security risks and maintain our strong commitment to keeping your data safe. No way of transmitting data over the Internet and no method of electronic storage is perfectly secure. We can't guarantee absolute security of your site or account — no one can. But keeping your site and personal data well-protected is very, very, very important to us. Lock Down WordPress Core Keep WP Core Up-To-Date Create Secure Access to Files on Server (SFTP) Two-Factor Authentication Access to Control Panel Provide Collaborator Functionality Malware RemovalCustomSee WP entry99.999% uptime guarantee, 30-day money backglobalHosting complies with PCI regulations
Seravo €100.0060,000 visits / monthN/A60GBN/A10Yes-Finland, Sweden. Germany, USA, Singapore89€ / hour. Depending on the site, 1 to 5 hours.Phone (Limited Hours), Support TicketYesThree staging environmentsYesYesDaily30 daysYesPrimarily PHP 7.4. Also available: PHP 8.0, PHP 7.3MariaDBRedis, NginxYesFeatures: Strong passwords are forced, DDOS protection, login brute-force protection, the files are scanned for malware. If a website is hacked despite of our security protection and updates, we will clean the site up once. The security problem is investigated and cleaned the next business day at the latest.Custom solution integrated into wp-adminSFTP, Rsync, Migration plugins99.9 % including maintenance breaksMostly focused on Finland, but going global-
Servebolt $991 000 000 Dynamic RequestsUnmetered4 GB (+flex)Unmetered3 (+ unlimited dev environments)Free Let's Encrypt, Sectigo SSL, Free Cloudflare Universal SSLYesCloudflareNew York, Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Johannesburg, OsloFree migrationsPhone (Limited Hours), Email, Live Chat, Support TicketYes, with automatic deploymentUnlimitedYesYesNightly30 daysNoPHP 7MariaDBNginx, Redis availableYesDDOS Protection, Apparmor, chroot, firewalled service access,Customrsync, SFTP, phpmyadmin, WP CLI100% Network and Power Uptime Guarantee, 99.9% service uptime guaranteeGlobalNo
SiteGround $39.99~100,000 Visits Monthly. The actual limits are for CPU usage.768MB per process 40 GBUnmetered Traffic Unlimited Websites Free LEYesFree CloudFlare integrationhttps://www.siteground.com/datacentersFree WP MigratorPhone (24/7), Live Chat, Support TicketYesYesYesYesDaily30 daysYesAll major PHP version - PHP 8 as well, Ultrafast PHPPerconaMemcache, Nginx, W3TC, WP Rocket, Internally developed SG caching systemYesFree and preinstalled SSL, Custom WAF to block attacks, scans, AI anti-bot system. More here - https://www.siteground.com/woocommerce-hosting.htmCustomThe clients have full access to all files + DB to migrate away. Plenty of options - via plugins, via manual migration, SFTP, SQL dumps, etc.https://www.siteground.com/viewtos/siteground_terms_of_serviceGlobalAll limitations are here - https://www.siteground.com/features/wordpress-hosting.htmThe hosting is not certified as PCI compliant. However, we do help our client pass PCI compliance according to best practices and based on the level of compliance they need.
WordPress.com $45UnlimitedNA200GUnlimited1Yes, included at $0NoYes, included at $0Same as WordPress.com BusinessSame as WordPress.com BusinessEmail, Live Chat, Support TicketSame as WordPress.com Business NoNoYesReal timeSame as WordPress.com BusinessYes7.3 and 7.4MariaDBMemcache, NginxNoSame as WordPress.com BusinessCustomSame as WordPress.com BusinessSame as WordPress.com BusinessGlobalNo

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